Brew Pub Art Gallery

Mezzanine Bar Featured Artist: Danny Scannapieco

In his most recent series of gerts, Artist Danny Scannapieco is exploring the iconic imagery from his own childhood and the roles they played in shaping the course of his life. “Each one of these images represents an idea or source of inspiration from my life that I feel also represent the struggle and duality of modern human consciousness.” Gert was originated by the artist Danny Scannapieco to describe the detrimental human tendency to indulge in total excess if given the opportunity. It’s about the balance of impulse vs. refrain, of fun vs. wellness. Adult life is a series of well placed compromises, but what fuels our persistent longing I’ve taken to calling the gert, like a Jiminy Cricket for vice. This translated to sculpture in 2009 when the artist started working with plywood as a medium for portraiture for its likeness to the beaten, weathered faces he felt inspired to recreate.
Like tired skin the grain of the plywood swirls and bends while the topographic lines create depth and lend an illustrative feel.
By straddling the space between 2-D and 3-D, the artist is building sculptures that feel like illustrations and bringing subjects to life with visceral detail. Originally from Washington D.C., 27-year-old Danny Scannapieco relocated to Portland in 2012 after never having visited the West Coast. He continues to live and work in Portland, OR.

Heritage Room Featured Artist: Candace Primack

As an abstract painter, I am often torn between two worlds, feeling that I am most fulfilled and balanced when working in both of them. The first is the world of color, texture and movement. Using a number of mediums, I can manipulate them in a variety of ways, being led to create pieces that I feel are kinetic and energetic, instilling within the viewer a sense of hope and joy. Simultaneously I am also drawn to the monochromatic and contemplative, desiring a large canvas filled with no more that two or three colors, but invites a more methodical approach without compromising sophistication and method. The process for these two styles of painting is quite similar, creating multiple layers of paint amidst mark making and texturing. Whatever style I am working in, I find it to be a focused and meditative practice, allowing me to follow my intuition. Rather than clashing, these two styles lend a complimentary blend to my work, satisfying the need to communicate bold energy as well as quiet reflection.

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