Brew Pub Art Gallery

Sunia Gibbs

I am a painter living in Portland, OR. My formal training is in music but often wander into other creative disciplines. Preferring a palette knife and a large brush, I work while listening to music, often chewing on an idea or contemplating a current event. Each piece is created with professional paints and finished with a gloss varnish to preserve color and texture.

Artists I am currently inspired by are Hans Hofmann and Gerhard Richter. I am drawn to shades of blue. My second degree is in Sociology. I'm married, with two kids, and two dogs.

Rick Brown

Rick Brown was born in Seattle and in 2007 left his life there to live in Portland. After taking some time off and getting settled he started to explore his photography a little deeper.

In 2013 Rick worked to combine his love for landscape photography with people doing adrenaline type outdoor sports. He titled the new direction "The Adrenaline Project". The focus wasn't necessarily on the athletes that land front page every time. It was intended to seek out and photograph people doing a sport outdoors that they love doing regardless of who is watching or trophies. It is about the people that are living the life they imagine.

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