Brew Pub Art Gallery

Mezzanine Bar Featured Artist: Scott Erwert

New Urban Portland series.

Professional illustrator and artist with an expansive work history: from Fortune 500 clients to independent nonprofits - and everything in between. Erwert is one of only a handful of artists licensed by Lucas Film to create original artwork for Star Wars Celebration fan events around the globe, and his work for their brand has been published in numerous books, magazines and websites.

Heritage Room Featured Artist: Alex Oesch

Gratitude. Humility. Generosity. Compassion. Authenticity. Levity. Alexandria Oesch uses the canvas as a vehicle to express her philosophy of life. Nothing worth having comes easy, there are no shortcuts. Countless canvasses are painted and painted over again in a pursuit to capture and articulate what is in her head and heart. For Alex, painting is more than an artistic endeavor. It goes beyond a therapeutic exercise. Painting is as essential as breathing. For Alex, to live is to paint.

For gallery information please contact

Kaili Hardy
ph 503.241.7179 x 310