Brew Pub Art Gallery

Mezzanine Bar Featured Artist:

Sunia Gibbs

I am a painter living in Portland, OR. Preferring a palette knife and a large brush, I work while listening to music, often chewing on an idea or contemplating a current event. Creating with the intent to convey a mood, I utilize layers and textures, blending colors unique to each piece. Just as musical notes create harmony and dissonance, each paint stroke blends and contrasts, communicating the calm and tension experienced in life. Each creative work depicts the journey towards authenticity. The results are images that embrace imperfections and convey honest emotion. Artists I am currently inspired by are Hans Hofmann and Gerhard Richter. I am drawn to shades of blue, crooked lines and drama. Each piece is created with professional paints and finished with a gloss varnish to preserve color and texture. Original paintings start at $150. Please do not hesitate to message me for pricing and details.

I work in a variety of different mediums such as charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, gelatin, ink, pastels and oil pastels. I even work in woods and metals but it's painting that I enjoy the most. The bright colors and freedom I feel in painting enables me to represent the tropical imagery toward which I gravitate.

The environment within each of my paintings has vibrant color that is meant to be eye-catching. It's very rare that I generate something that is entirely dark. Most of what I create has a tropical base to it. I enjoy interpreting my ideas and memories, but want viewers to find ideas and inspiration of their own, drafting off something that has personal meaning to me.

Heritage Room Featured Artist:

Kurt Dahlke

Dahlke has been successfully exhibiting in the Portland area and elsewhere since 2003. Dahlke works with acrylic paint and graphite on joint compound. His process-oriented artwork embraces elements of chance and time, within a decorative, abstract expressionist framework.

Using joint compound, acrylic paint and pencil, the artist follows a tightly constricted set of guidelines in creating work that captures the ineffable. Within the guidelines ­ a limited color palette, compositional motifs, and a hierarchy of steps ­ exist worlds of variation founded on principals of chance-based composition, popularized in music and art by John Cage, and artists exemplary of the Northwest School of art, such as Mark Tobey. In practice, this process-oriented work is influenced by time, temperature, and music ­ which is a constant presence in the studio. The result is to provide work that is both calming, and agitating; work that creates an atmosphere, yet exists beyond conventional space, and captures a childlike sense of both fear and wonder.

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