India Pale Ale

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Our award-winning IPA has a floral, citrusy aroma and full hop flavor with a subtle bitterness. It’s brewed with a blend of five hop varieties and the effervescence is the result of natural-conditioning—a process where the beer is double-fermented in each bottle, keg or cask. BridgePort IPA pours smoothly in the glass, emitting its signature golden glow.
ABV 5.5% | ORIGINAL GRAVITY 13.5 | IBUs 50

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Grilled Lamb

Submitted By: M. Taylor
The smoky sweetness of grilled lamb finds complement in the deep malty background and bitterness of Bridgeport’s imperial IPA.

Spicy Curry

Submitted By: Ali F.
Full hoppy flavor stand up to the strong, often palate-disabling heat of Indian curries.

Gorgonzola & Cambozola

Submitted By: Adam Smith
The bitterness of IPA brings out spicy flavors in some of the more aggressive cheeses.

Carrot Cake

Submitted By: Andrea
Bold sweet desserts such as carrot cake are matched by the bold hoppy flavors of Bridgeport’s award winning IPA.