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Stumptown Tart is back and she’s as sweet as she is sassy! This limited edition Belgian Style Ale is brewed with juicy Marionberries from Marion County, Oregon, where they were first grown, and stands up to its name with a tart, earthy flavor and a trace of sweetness.

Tilikum Crossing Orange Line IPALearn moreCloseLike

Why would a bridge need its own beer? Who cares, why not? Any reason to explore a new brew is good enough for us. Tilikum Crossing Orange Line IPA, the official beer of Portland’s newest bridge, is the first White IPA BridgePort has ever brewed. Dry-hopped with Lemondrop hops for aroma, this beer is made with 25% wheat, giving the beer a hazy light color. This new brew also uses Belgium yeast and is infused with orange peel, delivering a slightly sweet, lighter and more refreshing take on an IPA.

Bear HugLearn moreCloseLike

We brew this full-flavored stout with generous amounts of roasted malt and cocoa for warm chocolate and coffee notes. Then we put the cherry on top. Literally. 15 pounds of dark sweet cherries per barrel offer a subtle fruit background for a surprisingly smooth finish.

Hop Harvest Fresh Hopped IPALearn moreCloseLike

From field to brew in under an hour, nothing gets in the way of Hop Harvest. For wicked freshness, we race locally sourced Crystal hops to the brewery from Sodbuster Farms as fast as we can. Only available for a limited time, you'll be chasing after it once it's gone.