She’s bold. She’s smooth. She’s Oatmeal Red Ale and she’s packed with flavor. Made with flaked oatmeal and three varieties of malt, ORA is distinctively velvety. And with the brewer’s generous dry-hopping of Mt. Hood hops, this brew has a unique citrusy-herbal aroma. Take one sip and you’ll see that ORA is so much more than meets the eye.

Available at the BrewPub only.

Available year-round in 6-pack and 22oz bottles and on draft.
ABV...... 5.6
IBU....... 48
OG....... 14.2
FG....... 3.8
COLOR.... 21 SRM


Nuggets, Sterlings, Mt. Hoods, and Cascades


Flaked Oatmeal, Caramel, Red-X, Midnight Wheat