The first in our Deep Cuts series, India Pale Wheat is not a Hefeweizen, but not an IPA either. This beer mixes the best of two different styles for a hot new single that’s all about the base of half Pale malt and half Wheat malt. Sterling, Crystal and Cascade hops get the taste buds bumping then we step it up with a huge dry hop of Cascades for a floral/citrus finish. Lightly filtered, IPW has a haze and hop aroma that makes the crowd go wild with this limited run show.

Available for a limited time in the Beervana Variety Pack and on draft.
ABV...... 5.4
IBU....... 60
OG....... 14.0
FG....... 3.2
COLOR.... 12 SRM


Sterling, Crystal, Cascade


50% pale male, 50% Wheat Malt