Our modern take on an original American style, Bridgeport Cream Ale is easy sippin’ and full-flavored. The smooth, creamy backbone so unique to the Cream Ale style comes from generous doses of malted wheat and flaked oats. It’s lightly hopped for maximum drinkability and finished with whole cone Mosaics in the hopjack to deliver a slightly fruity, sweet character. Hop and malt combine perfectly to bring you this smooth rollin’ go-to session ale.

Available year-round in 6-pack bottles and on draft.
ABV...... 4.8
IBU....... 18
OG....... 13.0
FG....... 3.8
COLOR.... 5.5 SRM


Mosaic, Nugget, Meridian, and Crystals


2-Row, Wheat, Carafoam, and Oats